About Us

Aexecute was founded by a team of industry experts determined to shift the paradigm of the industry. The backbone of the Aexecute system is our liquidity bridge, capable of integrating to any Liquidity Provider with a FIX API connection. Our system is connected to providers of all types, from retail margin brokers to global money center banks. No matter who you want to trade with, we will connect you.

For small brokers, our MT4 White Label solution allows brokers to manage risk, stream additional instruments and change liquidity providers at will. Our system can aggregate multiple price streams to ensure honest, accurate, and tight pricing. As Aexecute is liquidity agnostic, White Labels are free to manage risk on their book. By divorcing technology from liquidity, Aexecute removes the numerous and powerful conflicts of interest that until now have plagued White Label MT4 arrangements.

For established brokers, our bridge offers a sophisticated Order Management System for managing their trading flow. Our custom built Order Management and Risk Management GUIs allow brokers to build trading desks to most effectively manage their flow. Our suite of Plugins features tools designed to improve the trading experience for both brokers and their clients, including slippage and price adjustment, sophisticated account management software, exotic FX and CFD pricing, and custom symbol creation. We can assist in setting up the bridge to match your trading volume against your internally generated liquidity to create a true ECN for your client. Alternatively, this internally generated liquidity can be packaged and sold to other brokers, generating additional revenue.

For brokers large and small, Aexecute is committed to offering simple, transparent pricing models. As the complexity of the business has grown, convoluted pricing schemes and structures have become the industry norm. While designed to appear attractive to brokers, these schemes serve only to enrich technology and liquidity providers. Aexecute offers simple transparent pricing schemes; you’ll know exactly what you will receive, and how much it would cost.