Order Management System – The Aexecute order management can be used either independently or in conjunction with the Aexecute Bridge. This system allows brokers to design custom rules for processing orders, managing risk, and tracking broker profitability. Our consultants can work with your firm to implement or help design rules for maximizing trading revenue while controlling risk.

ECN – Many brokers claim to offer an ECN trading environment to their clients, but beyond the marketing, few offer true ECN environments where every participant in the ECN is a true price maker and price taker. Brokers can use our system to generate liquidity internally, and either match their client orders internally generated flow, or sell the flow to other brokers seeking hard liquidity.

Price Control – For brokers aggregating pricing, volatile goes down as the best-bid best-offer engine smoothes price movement. For brokers managing risk on their clients, instant execution increases the profitability of Client EAs and scalping strategies. Aexecute’s price control plug-in allows brokers the ability to design rules and strategies for managing pricing and execution across their book – regardless of the real price and execution.

Exotic FX and CFD connections – In a crowded marketplace one of the best ways for brokers to differentiate themselves is too offer unique trading instruments through their MT4. The Aexecute bridge can stream in any Exotic FX or CFD offered, directly to your Client’s MT4 terminals. Our liquidity agnostic setup means we can deliver single sets of instruments without demanding you purchase all products.

Custom Symbol Creation – For brokers looking to further differentiate themselves for the crowd, Aexecute can design and deploy custom instruments onto MT4. Aexecute has worked to stream Exchange Traded Products onto MT4, and even created MT4 symbols for Clients that are not based on observable markets.